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Some words about Shabazz Palace’s Neumos show on 01.09.10

Shabazz Palaces. Where to start?

I’ll start by letting you know that this is not a review of Shabazz Palaces first public concert, which went down Saturday at Neumos. Yes I was there, but I don’t think my words could add much to what has already been said here, here and here just to list a few prominent places where the show has been reviewed. I will also let you know that this is not a think piece ruminating on the meaning of Shabazz Palace’s lyrics or romanticizing the whole quasi secret identity of Ish Butler (he of Digable Planets fame), who is known as Palaceer Lazaro in Shabazz Palaces. Nah, this entry won’t contain much of that stuff at all. Instead consider this post to be observations of what went down Saturday night along with a little bit of commentary thrown in for good measure. So allow me to begin:

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