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“Death Magnetic” to hit shelves Sept. 12, are you excited?

Is it no longer cool to be a Metallica fan?

Like most anyone who grew up in the eighties, Metallica was blasting on the headphones of my Walkman throughout my youth, so I have a soft spot for Metallica in my heart.

That’s why I am a little excited to hear the band’s new album, “Death Magnetic,” when it is released Sept. 12 (which is a Friday btw). I might event download it on my XBox and play it on Guitar Hero.

I mean, considering “St. Anger” was such a miserable flop, the band’s latest record has to be good, right? Plus, it was produced by Rick Rubin, which has to mean at least one track will be somewhat decent.

So, are you excited to give Metallica’s latest record a listen? Or am I just setting myself up for disappointment by getting excited about “Death Magnetic?”