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Weekend wrap-up: Quick notes on No Depression Festival, Grynch, Robin Pecknolo solo and Schoolyard Heroes

I had a crazy weekend filled with good drinks, good tunes and good people. Today is a travel day, which means I’ll be trekking about 150 miles east back home in a few minutes, so you won’t be getting full recaps of last weekend’s shows today. I will, however, offer up a bit of a brief rundown of what transpired on the nights of July 10, 11 and 12 with soundtracks provided by The Whore Moans, Schoolyard Heroes, Robin Pecknold, Throw Me The Statue, Grynch and others.

• The weekend started Friday night with Schoolyard Heroes at The Vera Project. I chatted up one half of the motley crew of Skeleton Army leaders over drinks before the show and, well, let’s just say the drinks fueled the night’s performance. The band performed with new guitarist Nick Cates, formerly of Three Inches of Blood and The Divorce, and as always Ryann Donnelly asserted her dominance over the throngs of sweaty, mosh drenched teens in the crowd.

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Get Grynch’s “Chemistry” EP free, plus track-by-track commentary from The King of Ballard


Grynch dropped his eight-song EP "Chemistry" today and you can download it for free by clicking here. The EP shows a lot of growth from the Ballard MC since the last time hip-hop heads heard from him on a proper release. It also shows lots of promise and potential from a young MC in a city loaded with quality rhyme slingers. I chatted with Grynch, a.k.a. The King of Ballard, Monday and he talked about the origins of his nickname, dropping a remix featuring Illa J, the guest spots on the new EP and he gave a bit of a track-by-track breakdown of "Chemistry." Listen to the interview in its two parts below, or download the entire thing here. After listening to the EP and interview be sure to check out Grynch at the "Chemistry" release show Sunday at Nectar (8 p.m.; $7).

Ear Candys Grynch Interview Part 1 – Grynch

Ear Candys Grynch Interview Part 2 –

Grynch: The King of Ballard

Grynch @ BShoot

Ear Candy wants to send a big congratulations to Grynch (aka The King of Ballard) for winning the (2)Dope Illa/J Dilla contest with his remix of “Showtime.” As part of his winnings, the single will be distributed by Delicious Vinyl as a free download and Grynch gets a 16 bars from Illa J to use however he chooses. You can listen to Grynch’s “Showtime” below, or click here to download it for free.

Grynch has a new EP, titled “Chemistry,” coming out this summer and is playing a release show for the EP at Nectar July 12.

If you need your Grynch fix nowclick here to download his “Something More” EP he put together with Two Good Men for FREE.

Bumbershoot 2008 Day 1: Grynch

The first day of Bumbershoot is over and I’m happy to report that, aside from a small disappointment, things went rather smoothly. One of the great things about the festival is its variety and I was able to take in a little bit of art, comedy and plenty of music.

When my friend and I arrived on the Seattle Center grounds the first notes of music we heard were the familiar sounds of “Black Hole Sun,” only guitars drums and a screaming Chris Cornell weren’t delivering the goods. It was another Seattle group, Das Vibenbass. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around for too long because Grynch was about to take the stage.

Seattle rapper Grynch was the perfect choice for who to see during the sunny early afternoon. His flow was smooth, he brought out a few guests (local rapper D Black and another local rapper whose name escapes me at the moment) and he was able to own the stage while performing.

Grynch is relatively young (he raps that he is 21 in one song) so it was not only cool to see such a fresh talent play to a large audience (likely the biggest he’s been in front of) it was cool to see him not get swallowed up by the size of the stage, or audience, because sometimes the sparse stage presence of an MC and a DJ can’t carry a set. But Grynch simply owned his time on stage.

My most recent trip to the record store

I was in Seattle yesterday and whenever I make a trip west of the mountains I always try to drop in to an indie record store. You wouldn’t believe how frustrating it is being a music journalist living in a city where there aren’t any decent record stores within 100 miles or so. All I can say is thank goodness for iTune and Amazon. But for every Amazon or iTunes purchase I try to balance out the negative effect it may have on local record shops by picking up music from a Sonic Boom, Easy Street, Everyday Music or other brick and mortar indie shop.

Anyway, I dropped into Sonic Boom in Ballard Monday and snagged myself some tunes. Here’s what I picked up:

Green River “Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll”
I am a pretty big Pearl Jam fan and I enjoy Mudhoney, but surprisingly I had never heard Green River prior to picking up this album. I bought in celebration of Sub Pop’s 20th birthday, but I would have likely bought this one some time down the road regardless. After giving this album about a half a dozen spins all I can say is that if my future child ever asks me “Daddy, what was grunge?” I will play this album cranked to 11. I won’t go as far to say that this is the best Sub Pop release ever or anything like that, but I will say I think “Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll” embodies all that is grunge a whole lot better than any other Seattle band has released.

Mudhoney “The Lucky Ones”
Yep, another grunge band. Perhaps the last grunge band standing really, considering Pearl Jam fell out of the grunge genre after releasing “Vitalogy.” This is the fourth Mudhoney record in my collection (March to Fuzz, Touch Me I’m Sick and Every Boy Deserves Fudge are the other three). I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but from what I’ve heard this record is typical Mudhoney with loud guitars and kickin grooves.

Stevie Wonder “Inner Visions”
I’m going to see Stevie Friday night and I don’t own this album so I jumped at the chance to add this classic to my collection. Even though I know all the songs and I have heard the album dozens of times during my childhood, it just seemed like a record I needed to have in my collection.

Common Market “Black Patch War”
A seven-song EP that is a concept record by one of my favorite Seattle hip hop groups. The duo of MC Ra Scion ad DJ Sabzi won me over at Sasquatch! 2006 during the hailstorm when thier set was canceled. Instead of not performing, Sabzi pulled his car up to the exit of the Gorge and bumped a CD of beats while Ra Scion rapped over them without a microphone IN THE HAIL. It was awesome. This EP is ambitious and is a good gap filler before the duo’s second full-length “Tobacco Road” is released in September.

Grynch “My Second Wind”
I caught this young rapper’s set at ReverbFEST last year and thought there was lots of potential in his rhyme-slinging abilities. I met him a few weeks back during Dyme Def’s mixtape release show and got to talk with him for a bit. He’s a very bright fellow and I think that when (this is not an “if” situation) Seattle hip hop blows up, or at least makes it to the proverbial next level, Grynch will be one of the MCs on top of the game. This record, his second, puts his potential on display and has plenty of great guest appearances by local hip hop fixtures, making it a great example of just how cool it is to be experiencing local hip hop right now.

So that was my trip to the record store. I try to make one at least every other trip to Seattle that I take. I feel like I bought some great albums and I’ll fill you in on my future purchases when they are made.

Now that you know how satisfied I am with my record-shopping experience, I want to know about your last visit to the record store. What was the last good album you bought?