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VIDEO: Cold War Kids ‘02.08 to 06.08’

The Cold War Kids shot a brief documentary about the recording of their latest record “Loyalty To Loyalty” and posted it to YouTube.

The roughly 34-minute documentary, titled “02.08 to 06.08,” was originally packaged as part of the deluxe edition of the album. You can view it below.

As for the record itself, well it’s pretty alright I suppose, but for some reason I can’t really get into it all that much. I am a fan of “Robbers and Cowards,” the band’s debut, but the new record seems a little disjointed to me. But that’s not to say you won’t like it. So please, don’t take my word as the definitive judgment on the group’s newest record.

You can find out for yourself if you like the new material next month at WaMu (Chase?) Theatre when the band performs at 107.7 The End’s Deck The Hall Ball.

Deck The Hall Ball feat. Daeth Cab, The Killers, Cold War Kids, presale info

The End’s annual Deck The Hall Ball is scheduled for Dec. 9 at WaMu Theater and will include some heavy hitters featured on modern rock radio playlists.

Here’s who will be there:

The Killers
Death Cab For Cutie
Cold War Kids
Shiny Toy Guns

The tickets cost $42.50 a pop and the presale begins Thursday at 12:01 a.m. The presale password is “theend” and you can find the presale tix here.

REVIEW: My Morning Jacket@ McCaw Hall and Cold War Kids @ The Showbox (part 2)

Here is the second half of guest blogger (and my occasional +1 at shows) Brent Stecker’s review of our weekend that included an amazing My Morning Jacket show and a solid effort by Cold War Kids the next night. You can read the first part of his review (which covers the MMJ show) by clicking here.

Post show, T-$ (ed. note: in case you didn’t read part 1, T-money is Brent’s oddball nickname for me) took me to Beth’s, a “Seattle institution,” where I enjoyed some fantastic breakfast food and indulged in the $6 Milkshake (ingredients: chocolate, peanut butter, brownies, and the diabeetus). Oh yeah, I got my peanut-butter pudding surprise all right.

The next day, we had plenty of time to kill before Cold War Kids, so Travis and I invented a game where we made up lyrics like we were Craig Finn, lead singer of The Hold Steady. If you’ve never heard The Hold Steady, here’s a crash course on Craig Finn’s style: his lyrics tell outlandish stories about barflies and such, and he mostly yell-talks in a raspy monotone. Here’s some typical Finn lines: “She was a damn good dancer but she wasn’t all that great of a girlfriend”; “They ended up on Washington talking to the river”; and “Big heads with soft bodies make for lousy lovers.”

With the help of Dollar-Dollar’s friend Brian, we came up with some good ones, including “That’s how we found out kangaroos make for lousy housepets.” Just so you know, the joke will never get old.

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REVIEW: My Morning Jacket @ McCaw Hall and Cold War Kids @ The Showbox (part 1)

Earlier this week my buddy Brent Stecker and I trekked over the hill (that’s Eastern Washington lingo for driving over the mountain passes to go to Seattle) to catch a few shows.

Sunday night we saw My Morning Jacket at McCaw Hall (one word: awesome) and Monday we caught the Cold War Kids twice, once at their Easy Street Records in-store set and later that night at the Showbox.

I’d love to tell you all about both shows, but since Brent did such a good job summing up our weekend adventure on his MySpace blog I decided it would be better to let him recount our musical escapades.

Also, Brent recently started a promising blog about guitars and guitarists called Tiny Strings (the link to the blog will be coming soon, I promise), so I figured this post would act as his indoctrination into the blogosphere.

So here is guest blogger Brent Stecker’s review of the first of two excellent shows that went down recently, taken from his MySpace blog (emphasis added).

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My busy early fall schedule

Summer is typically the best season for concerts, but that doesn’t mean fall and winter are slumming it when it comes to packing some awesome club and arena rock shows.

Here’s where you’ll find me the next few weeks:

My Morning Jacket @ McCaw Hall Sept. 28

I know very little about MMJ.  But I have always been curious about their live show because I have heard so many good things about it. My buddy had an extra ticket and I couldn’t say no when he offered it up. Plus, “Evil Urges” was a surprise favorite for me this summer.

Cold War Kids @ Showbox at the Market Sept. 29

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I saw these guys at Sasquatch! and was highly impressed. I’ve listened to the new record about a half dozen times and it doesn’t resonate with me the same way the band’s last record did, but maybe after a few more listens I will like it more. I suppose I had better get to liking it since it’s likely CWK will play a lot of new material at the Showbox.

ReverbFEST in Ballard Oct. 4

I attended last year’s ReverbFEST and it was a blast. What made it so much fun was that all the acts were local and all the shows took place in Ballard, one of my favorite western Washington locales. This year I am really excited to see Team Gina and my new favorite local band SHIM. I am sure I will discover plenty more excellent local gems while venue hopping and drinking beer throughout the day.

Weezer at KeyArena Oct. 11

I’m a Weezer fan and this will be my third time seeing the band play KeyArena. The first time was pretty mediocre and the second time was probably the best =W= show I’ve seen, so it will be interesting to see what the group’s tour behind the surprisingly pretty decent “Red Album” will bring. What’s that? You don’t like the “Red Album?” Well, id you can’t crack a smile while listening to “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” then you simply don’t like music.

Hear it here: Cold War Kids “Loyalty to Loyalty” record

The awesome Cold War Kids have a new record out today and it is well worth a listen. I actually recommend buying it. But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and stream the entire record by clicking here.

If you are in town Monday night, Cold War Kids will be playing at the Showbox. I’ll be there. They blew me away at Sasquatch this year and I am looking forward to getting blown away again early next week.

Here’s the video for the first single off “Loyalty To Loyalty,” the new Cold War Kids record.