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VIDEOS: Clips from my favorite Capitol Hill Block Party sets

Capitol Hill Block Party 2010 is now a thing of the past but you can forever relive the memories thanks to the Internet and the invention of YouTube. Below is a look at some of what I found from some of my favorite sets when I scoured the net for clips of CHBP 2010. Most of these videos are from the same YouTube user but I also took a few videos from elsewhere. If anything this will give you a taste of the diverse sounds that graced my ears a few weeks back. Continue reading

From Crosscut: Capitol Hill Block Party preview

I wrote the below preview of the Capitol Hill Block Party for Crosscut. Click the jump to read the entire article.

The Capitol Hill Block Party is possibly one of the best-kept secrets in the world of summer music festivals. But that may change this weekend, when the festival takes over the main Pike/Pine hub of an area some call “Party Mountain” due to its sometime raucous nightlife scene.

On the surface the CHBP is your typical Seattle summer music festival with corporate sponsors, lots of local buzz and a lineup that includes some heavy-hitting headliners peppered with loads of amazing local talent. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the things that make Block Party such a great event, which is why it might not be our little secret anymore.

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Spin the Black Circle’s Capitol Hill Block Party recommendations

The Capitol Hill Block Party is a few days away and if you’re anything like me you’ve been closely analyzing the lineup trying to figure out how to cram in as much music as possible into this three-day smorgasbord of entertainment.

CHBP 10 features a lineup of some heavy-hitting headliners peppered with loads of amazing local talent. While acts like Atmosphere, Dead Weather and MGMT are the attraction for casual music fans, locals like Unnatural Helpers, Head Like A Kite, Grand Hallway and Macklemore will be there to satisfy the musical appetite for those looking for a bit more than what the mainstream has to offer. This means that like every Block Party, or every music festival for that matter, there are plenty of conflicts.

How do you choose between Shabazz Palaces and Unnatural Helpers? Or the Redwood Plan and the Head and the Heart? Luckily, no matter what decision you make you’re going to end up winning since this is one of the strongest CHBP 10 lineups to date. If you haven’t bought your tickets I encourage you to do so now because three-day passes are all gone and word on the street is that Friday is sold out.

If you can’t make it to the festival this weekend you can expect to find lots of words about what goes down on Party Mountain as well as lots and lots of great photos from the festival here next week. Here’s where you’ll likely find me during Block Party: Continue reading