Tonight: Sing a song, win Bumbershoot tickets at Ozzie’s

I bet if you were to take all of the acts who have performed at Bumbershoot throughout the festival’s 39-year history, ranging from REM to the Black Eyed Peas, you’d get yourself quite a cool karaoke playlist.

If you wonder what that playlist might look like you should head on over to Ozzie’s in Queen Anne tonight for Bumberaoke. It’s a Bumbershoot-themed karaoke contest that begins at 9:00 and the person who delivers the best karaoke rendition of a song by an artist who has performed at Bumbershoot will walk away with tickets to this year’s Bumbershoot Arts & Music Festival. Contestants will be judged on five categories including: song choice, vocal quality, showmanship, audience reaction and the mysterious ‘X’ factor.

Full disclosure, I will be one of the judges for the contest along with KEXP’s DJ El Toro and Imaginary Victoria from Three Imaginary Girls. We’ll be judging contestants starting at 9:00 and going until around 12:20 a.m. The selection of karaoke songs for the night will all be songs by former or current Bumbershoot artists.

So warm up your pipes and come on over to Queen Anne tonight for a shot at free Bumbershoot tickets.

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