Bob Dylan, Hole, Weezer & Mary J Blige to headline Bumbershoot 2010?

Not much is known about this year’s Bumbershoot Festival other than that it will be happening Labor Day weekend and that EMP Sound Off! winners Great Waves will be performing (I also hear that some Ear Candy’s favorite local bands that weren’t booked last year will be on this year’s bill). However, the new edition of Rolling Stone contains some interesting information about the headliners for the 40th edition of Bumbershoot.

According to page 36 of the magazine, Weezer, Bob Dylan, Hole and Mary J Blige will headline this year’s festival. However, those headliners have not been confirmed by One Reel, the company that organizes Bumbershoot. The lineup for Bumbershoot will be released June 2. I have sent an e-mail to One Reel seeking comment.

If Rolling Stone is wrong it wouldn’t be the first time a major music publication falsely reported Bumbershoot headliners before a lineup announcement was made.But if what Rolling Stone is reporting is true then it’s looking like Bumbershoot is going to be quite the party this year and those all-access passes for the main stage are going to be well worth the $40 single-day price. Bob Dylan killed it when he was in Seattle last October to kick off  the fall leg of his U.S. tour. Say what you will about Raditude, but Weezer at Memorial Stadium will be a blast because in the past few years Rivers Cuomo seemed to learn how to stop moping and started to have fun on stage. Besides, singing  “Undone (The Sweater Song)” and “El Scorcho” at the top of your lungs with 20,000 other =W= fans is always a good time. Plus, hearing Mary J. Blige’s pipes in person has he potential for epicness written all over it. The only downside in my book is the washed-up  Hole, but I’ll reserve comment about Courtney Love’s band for a different post.

Those four names are just the headliners. Add in all the comedy, film, visual arts and the more than 100 other musicians who will be performing throughout the three-day weekend and you’ve got yourself quite the festival.

Economy passes for Bumbershoot, which allow access to the entire festival except for the main stage area, cost $22 per day. The all-access pass that gets you entrance to the entire festival will set you back $40 a day.

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