Sunny Day Real Estate working on new album, set to step in the studio in May

This just in from the awesome news department: Sunny Day Real Estate is entering the recording studio in May to record a new album

That’s what Marco Collins, former KNDD and current KEXP jock, reported on his Twitter account late Monday night. Collins wrote that he received an e-mail from SDRE/Foo Fighter member Nate Mendel stating the band would be recording in May.

The band, Jeremy Enigk, William Goldsmith, Dan Hoerner and Mendel, reunited last year and during the reunion tour SDRE performed a new song which was one of a few signs that the reunion was going well. You can read my review of the band’s homecoming stop on the tour here. Another sign things were working out during the reunion were the constant smiles on the faces of Enigk and the rest of the band during the show. Peep the photo proof of the smiles here.

The band’s 1994 debut album Diary  along with its second record LP2, were reisuued by Sub Pop last year. No word on what label will release the new Sunny Day Real Estate album or when the record will be released.

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