What’s been going on in Ear Candy-land, plus shows I plan on attending this weekend

Things have bee busy over in Ear Candy-land the last few weeks, which has made it tough for me to post over here on Spin The Black Circle. For starters, I have been working with some friends on a pretty awesome project. I can’t share the details quite yet, but the image above may give you a hint, or you can simply click here to get a sneak peek (trust me you want to click there, and be sure to bookmark the site and check back every few days for updates).

I have also finally created an Ear Candy Facebook page, so you can check me out on Facebook if you like. You can do that by clicking here.

As for my weekend plans, aside from checking out Watchmen on the IMAX I am going to be busy hitting up some excellent shows. First up is the record release show for Say Hi and Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. These bands each released one of the best local albums of the year and their show at Neumos Friday is going to be killer. If my endorsement isn’t good enough to make you want to check things out Friday then how about this, Visqueen is opening.

Saturday I will be at the Sunset for the second-ever live show by The Redwood Plan. I say second because they played a secret show (which wasn’t so secret if you took Ear Candy’s advice a few weeks back) a couple of days ago. Their Saturday night set is going to be broadcast on the beacon of indie hipster coolness, KEXP. Also on the bill are Sleepy Eyes of Death and The Hands.

So now that you know where I will be this weekend, feel free to drop by and say hello if you’re out and about. Or, stay at home and read my Twitter feed where I will attempt to drop tweets to my tweeps (man that sounds strange) throughout the weekend.

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