Blue Scholars to become Barn Scholars tonight in Winthrop

Blue Scholars

I’m going to see Blue Scholars tonight and the show is not in Seattle. Actually the show is in the sleepy Eastern Washington town of Winthrop.

It should be a really interesting show considering the venue they will be performing is a barn (like I said, Winthrop is a sleepy, rural community) so it’s not necessarily a place where you’ll get a real hip-hop vibe and I am guessing Blue Scholars will be a little bit out of their element.

However, I’m not worried about the group underperforming because in the dozen or so times I have seen Blue Scholars Geo and Sabzi always bring it live. I am more interested in seeing the reaction hip-hop gets in this small town of less than 500 where ranch hands and cowboys are more common than bboys and popped collars.

Also, I am going to the show with a crew of 10 Wenatchee-area friends and none of them have seen Blue Scholars live or really spent much time with their music. So it will be fun to get their thoughts on the show.

One more thing to note is Eastern Washington’s lack of any music scene, which makes it sort of a big deal that a decent Seattle group is coming to town (or, in my case near town since I’ll be traveling about two hours from Wenatchee to get to Winthrop).

I plan to write about the show and my experience next week. If I remember to bring my camera I’ll probably shoot some video and take some pictures too and if there is time I might chat up Geo and Sabzi and ask them about their experience too.

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