Death Cab, PUSA jump on the iPhone app bandwagon

John Cook over on his Venture Blog dropped a post about some business news regarding everyone’s favorite feather-pluckin’ insane trio, Presidents of the Unites States of America.

What’s the news? Well, PUSA has an iPhone app for sale on the Apple App Store.

From Cook’s blog post:

The $2.99 app offers full-tracks from four albums as well as the “lost recordings” from the band’s 10-song demo album FroggyStyle. Will we see more bands following suit with iPhone apps? You can count on it.

“The Presidents of the United States of America, always innovative in their instrumentation, songwriting and DIY business operations, are proud to be the first indie artist to offer their own iPhone app,” says the application description. In addition to songs from albums like “Peaches” and “Kitty,” the app features live tracks and “other oddball stuff.” Users also can take part in the “Presidential Shuffle” in order to mix up the music a bit.

I have yet to check out the PUSA app, but I did recently download the free application from Death Cab For Cutie. The application is a close mirror of the band’s Web site in many ways. It offers more than a dozen videos (including live clips and rehearsal footage), a song from each record, tour dates, band news and more.

As mentioned, the DCFC app is free so I made sure to download it, but I am a little hesitant to spend $3 on the PUSA app. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Presidents but I am not sure if it has anything worthwhile that I can’t get online for free. However, the “Froggystyle” album demo might be worth the purchase price.

Regardless, the DCFC app is pretty nifty (Did I just type call something nifty? Wow, I must be getting old.) and seeing a band without major label support like PUSA release an iPhone app is a promising sign that more bands could release applications in the future.

One thought on “Death Cab, PUSA jump on the iPhone app bandwagon

  1. As I told ya earlier on twitter, I like the idea, but the 30% cut that Apple takes on sales makes this a real rip off for new artists who are looking for a reasonable alternative to the major labels. The streaming is still free and perhaps that’s where the real story here is. Nice post, thanks!

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