Sasquatch! 2009 to feature a comedy/dance tent, lineup coming out Tuesday

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Hey look, Sasquatch! is back, complete with a logo that showcases what is likely a Wookie, Yeti and Sasquatch. You guys didn’t think I forgot about Sasquatch! did you?

Yes it is true that the lineup leaks have pretty much been nonexistent this year and that I haven’t posted much info about my favorite festival of the year (Sorry Bumbershoot, but if you have another year like last year you’ll be a lot closer to being my favorite). But that will change soon as I just received my first press release for the big event. While the release did not include the lineup or ticket prices and on-sale date, it did include the following four pieces of juicy information.

Sasquatch will again be a three-day event. This year it will happen on May 23-25

The festival will again feature a comedy tent and that tent will serve a dual purpose.

The second purpose of the tent will be to act as a dance tent. Comedians will perform there during the day and at night you can get your groove on while dancing in the tent (can you say U.S.E. and Truckasaurus?)

The lineup will be announced on Feb. 17

Although the lineup has yet to be released, I have it on good authority it will include: Kings of Leon, The Decemberists, Peter Bjorn and John, Monotonix, Animal Collective, Neko Case, Passion Pit, The Avett Brothers, Sun Kil Moon, John Vanderslice and Grizzly Bear

I will post more Sasquatch! info, as well as rumors, as they roll in.

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