REVIEWS, AUDIO, PHOTOS & VIDEO: Metallica @ KeyArena

I’ve been fighting off a pretty vicious cold the last few days, which means I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write about the awesomeness that was my Night of Musical Madness.

I’ve got to run off to work in a few minutes (hopefully I can make it through the day without going home sick), so I won’t be able to give you my full rundown of the night’s events. However, I want to leave you with a few things to hold you over until I start feeling better so check out the reviews of the Metallica show that ran in other publications below. I would have included a review from the Times but there wasn’t one (more on that later).

Also, here are a few pics and an mp3 of “Motorbreath” from the show. You can see all of my photos from the show at my Flickr page. Enjoy!


Seattle Weekly’s review

The Stranger’s review

The P-I’s review

News Tribune review

“ONE” @ KEYARENA 12.01.08


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