Night of Musical Madness 2008: Metallica and Wu-Tang Clan

Tonight is going to be an unforgettable night of music for me. Or at least tonight will be a night the teenage version of myself will never forget.

Two very different high-profile concerts are happening tonight, and as per the fine print of my Music Critics Club card, it is my duty to attend both are report the details back to you. Tonight I will attempt to attend Metallica, The Sword and Lamb of God at KeyArena and then hightail it to Showbox SoDo to watch Wu-Tang Clan.

Now, I have pulled off the feat of seeing two shows in the same night before. Last year I drove 348 miles to see six bands perform for five hours and it was quite an exhilarating experience. I jokingly called that experience Ear Candy’s Night of Musical Madness.

This year I’m driving the same distance and going to two shows in the same night but the stakes are a little higher. For starters, the shows are bigger. The combination of arena rock and hardcore rap icons trump the indie rock and hip-hop legend I saw in concert last year (Although to be fair, Ghostface Killah was a part of last year’s experience and he will be spitting rhymes with Wu-Tang tonight so there are some parallels to last year.). Also, unlike last year, I paid for my tickets to both of tonight’s shows. I paid $90 for my Metallica ticket (the ticket price included a copy of “Death Magnetic” as well as a download of tonight’s show) and $50 for my Wu-Tang ticket.

So why am I doing this? Well, for several reasons.

First, I have been a huge fan of both Metallica and Wu-Tang since my early teenage years. Second, I love live music and these shows will likely be the last two I see this year so I want to end the year with a bang. What better way to do that than to attempt this? Finally, the third reason, which comes back to the first reason, is because I am a fan.

I’ve been a fan of Metallica since I started seriously listening to music back in 1991. I even remember waiting in line outside of Tower Records on Mercer Street at midnight to buy “Load.” And while I’m not the biggest hip-hop head on the block, I practically spent half my teenage years listening to “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).” I simply could not pass up the opportunity to catch these two completely different, but equally important to me, groups on the same night.

Both shows are happening at the same time, so it will be tricky to get the timing right. I’m counting on a few things to fall into place tonight, such as Wu-Tang taking the stage late and being able to find parking near Showbox SoDo easily. Here is my timetable for tonight, keep your fingers crossed that things go as planned and come back tomorrow and throughout the week to find out how things went.

7 p.m. The Sword takes the stage
8 p.m. Lamb of God takes the stage
9 p.m. Metallica begins what is hopefully a two-hour set (I read that the band limits itself to two hours on stage due to the whole “Some Kind of Monster” therapy session film)
11 p.m. Leave KeyArena, find car and drive to Showbox SoDo
11:20 p.m. Find parking and arrive at Showbox SoDo
11:30 p.m. Catch the last hour of Wu-Tang

3 thoughts on “Night of Musical Madness 2008: Metallica and Wu-Tang Clan

  1. I swear you will be the only person in the venue hoping Metallica keeps their set to two hours instead of cascading down their set list to lesser known or older songs.

  2. Hey, I’m all for a three-hour or four-hour Metallica show.. The first time I saw them it was outdoors and the show went for at least three hours. I’m not leaving until Metallica is finished with their set, so if it goes longer than two hours I’ll just have to miss some Wu-Tang. But, ideally they will play for two hours and I’ll be able to see both groups tonight.

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