My REVERBfest schedule

Some bad luck earlier today almost made me cancel my plans to attend Saturday’s REVERBfest.

Something screwy with my car’s electrical system means I’ll be missing out on the first three hours of the festival because I’ll be taking an Amtrack bus from Wenatchee to Seattle instead of driving my comfortable Nissan Maxima. But it will take more than lame car troubles to keep me away from Seattle’s only all-local music festival. So here is my schedule (which starts at 6:30 since I’ll be rolling into Ballard around 6ish):

6:30 Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Tad Doyle’s new band is supposed to be as psychedelic as his former band, TAD, was heavy. If this is true this set will definitely make me forget about my vehicle woes.

7:00 Black Whales
I saw the last five minutes of these guys’ set at CHBP and I really liked what I saw. I am excited to see a full set.

7:30 Man Plus
Bright, shiny indie pop is always good to smile and drink beer to.

8:00 BOAT
Believe it or not I have never seen this popular, much-hyped band live. I’m curious to see what all the fuss is about.

8:30 See Me River
Excellent local Americana should make for some great drinking music.

9:00 Undecided
It’s either the beautiful sounds of Mono In VCF or the crazy electronic sounds of Truckasaurus. Who would you rather see?

9:30 Team Gina
This rapping lesbian duo is the most unique act in the local hip hop scene. Clever rhymes, awesome beats, positive messages, hilarious humor and a plethora of pop culture references will be aplenty during their set.

11:00 Diminished Men
More psychedelic rock, if I can handle it of course.

11:30 Grayskull
One of the most underrated acts in the local hip-hop scene will likely deliver one of the better sets of the day.

12:00 Dragstrip Riot
Good old fashioned loud, dirty rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Nuff said.

12:30 SHIM
Hopefully the best band I saw at Bumbershoot will be the best band I see at REVERBfest

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