What you missed at the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee’s Lounge Acts 2008

Last weekend the unplugged Endfest, featuring Bad Religion, PUSA and others, as well as the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee’s Lounge Acts concert featuring Schoolyard Heroes, Harvey Danger and others, were happening at the same time on the same day. Two great shows happening at conflicting times on the same day happens a lot in Seattle because the music scene is just so rich and abundant with awesomeness in the Emerald City. It’s one of the only bad byproducts of living in such a cool place.

Anyway, a friend of mine had an extra ticket to Endfest and I was almost compelled to trek over the hill to check out the unplugged event. However, instead of making the five hour round trip drive to Seattle and back, I chose to stay home for the weekend (which is a rare choice for me). And since I decided again driving five hours to Seattle you know there was no way I was going to make the eight hour trip to the Aberdeen area.

But just because I wasn’t out and about doesn’t mean I am not able to report what went down in Hoquiam at Lounge Acts 2008.

So if you weren’t there, here’s what you (and I) missed:

* Aberdeen band Black Top Demon covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it wasn’t your typical “Teen Spirit” cover. KISW (99.9 FM) radio personality The Ricker joined the band on stage and sang the song while the Aberdeen High School cheer squad did their pom pom thing as the band performed, recreating a scene straight out of the iconic music video.

* Harvey Danger kicked off their set with “Aneurysm” during which singer Sean Nelson was wearing a red mask over his eyes. After the song, in a very Cobainian move, the band abruptly left the stage and came back five minutes later to finish their headliner. The set also included a great cover of “Very Ape.” Check back in about 10 minutes for videos of both performances.

* Nelson and Schoolyard Heroes’ Ryann Donnelly performed a duet of “All Apologies” during sound check. However, that is not the song they performed together during the concert. Donnelly joined Nelson and the rest of Harvey Danger on stage for “Heart Shaped Box.”

* Schoolyard Heroes covered “Territorial Pissings” and “Drain You.” Again, come back in a few minute for the video.

Also, expect to see a photo gallery from the show soon. And a massive hat tip goes to my good buddy Steven Friederich for the rundown of the show and for the pics and videos.

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