Bumbershoot hangover: The Shackeltons

One of the greatest things about Bumbershoot is walking over to a set not knowing what to expect and leaving completely entertained. That’s what happened when I stumbled upon The Shackeltons at the Rock Star Energy Drink Stage Sunday.

The energy coming from the stage during the three songs I saw (I walked in on the end of their set) was amazing and it made me realize that music can be used as a weapon. In the case of the Shackeltons, their music can be used as a powerful, love-spreading virus.

Wearing old military uniforms (I’m told all of the uniforms were once worn in combat) the band’s singer, Mark Redding, was an uncontainable force of positive punk rock energy. He preached positivity and love and it was blatantly clear the crowd was more than buying into his rock ‘n’ roll sermon.

The stage was decorated with tree branches and flowers and as the set ended Redding began tossing the loose foliage into the crowd and waved branches high above his head as if that piece of the Earth was a massive Shackeltons flag.

I only wish I had been there earlier to catch more of their fascinating live show.

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