Bumbershoot hangover: The Offspring

The Offspring is a band that I grew up listening to and I have seen Dexter, Noodles and co. live multiple times, so I was actually pretty excited to see them rock the main stage Monday.

The band was fairly energetic and actually pretty talkative too. Although Noodles seemed to only want to play dumb and talk about how drunk he was. Intoxicated or not, The Offspring blazed through every one of their hits and had the Memorial Stage crowd riled up with rock throughout its 60-minute set.

The band played some new material, but most stuck to its hits. The highlights all came when the band played its classics off “Smash,” one of the touchstone rock records of the ’90s. “Bad Habit” was my favorite, and yes I did shout the profanities at the top of my lungs like everyone else in the crowd. When in Rome, right?

The Offspring also played its sort of lame material from the late ’90s including “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” and “Why Don’t You Get a Job.” The set ended with “Self Esteem” and as the song was nearing its middle I looked to my left and saw a 12-year-old girl singing along to every word (I don’t even think she was born when “Smash” was released). Sometimes classics are timeless I suppose.

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