Bumbershoot hangover: The Blakes

I have yet to see a proper The Blakes show and when I do I am guessing I will be blown away.

The last, and first, time I caught the band that released one of my favorite records of 2007 was at this year’s Sasquatch! Festival. Unfortunatley their set followed a knock-you-on-you-butt set by The Cops, so there was just no way they were going to top what came before them. To The Blakes’ credit, they sounded decent, but The Cops were just that much better on that day at The Gorge.

At Bumbershoot The Cops performed at The Exhibition Hall stage, which has the worst sound of all the stages at the festival. The brotherly rock of The Blakes was able to overcome poor acoustics and the set was solid, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

For some reason I expect more energy out of The Blakes. For a band I consider to be Seattle’s version of The Strokes but with balls, there wasn’t a lot of passion that could be felt by the music. Something tells me that this the passion is more than palpable at a The Blakes show when it is held at The Tractor Tavern or a similar venue. So next time I see The Blakes, a band I really, really enjoy, I vow to see them in a dark club while drinking a few beers and rocking out to some awesomely dirty rock ‘n’ roll.

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