Bumbershoot hangover: Paramore

Paramore on the main stage at Bumbershoot.

Paramore fans are short people. That was good news for this 5’7″ music writer because when everyone is 4’9″ you can see the stage over the crowd.

All joking aside about the youthful, exuberant crowd that was at Memorial Stadium to see Paramore’s last U.S. show of the year, the band was an early highlight of Bumbershoot’s final day.

I didn’t know the words to any of the songs (Sorry, I have yet to but Paramore’s “Riot.” Actually, I don’t think I am allowed to purchase it because I am taller than 4’9″ Okay, so maybe I wasn’t done making short jokes.) but it didn’t matter because singer Haley Williams was such an energetic spitfire of a force on stage I felt like I had been rocking out to Paramore for years.

I suppose that’s the appeal to this young group for the Warped Tour generation. Their music is pop-punk in its purest form and ask anyone who grew up listening to blink-182 or Green Day (that would be me) and they will tell you there’s always a market for youthful, loud and punky rock music.

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