Bumbershoot hangover: Howlin’ Rain

The pshychedlic jam band rock of Howlin’ Rain was perfect for the beatiful sunny afternoon.

Fronted by Ethan Miller (the singer from Comets on Fire), Howlin’ Rain played a set that was more suited for Woodstock than it was Bumbershoot. But that’s what made it so awesome. The retro-rock soul the band created was wonderfully suited for both hippies and hipsters alike.

Between the soaring guitar solos, slamming drumwork and solid keyboard melodies, Howlin’ rain owned the Rockstar Energy Drink Stage for the one hour time slot they were given. Each of the band’s songs went from soulful rock to long, sprawling psychedlic jams. The music was something that could have been equally enjoyed by those who were tripping out and those who were simply sitting on the grass taking in the show.

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