Bumbershoot 2008 Day 1: PWRFL Power

PWRFL Power is a local artist with a loyal following. From what I’ve listened to on his MySpace page I really wasn’t all that impressed and placed him into the acquired taste category, so I walked into his set at the Sky Church with a little bit of apprehension. However, PWRFL Power surprised me and I really enjoyed what I saw.

I was won over by not only PWRFL Power’s quirkiness but also his silly and beautiful songs. He doesn’t have the greatest singing voice and his songs are pretty simple, or at least the songs I heard (I only stuck around for five songs), but his modest personality makes up for his lack of zing when it comes to songwriting.

At one point during his set he announced his cell phone number and offered up prize for the person who texted him the funniest message. It was ridiculously endearing and it made it impossible not to like him and his songs.

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