Bumbershoot 2008 Day 1: Band of Horses

Most opening acts on the main stage only get an hourlong time slot (case and point The Black Keys and Superchuck each got one-hour slots) so Sub Pop stars, and former Seattle band, Band of Horses made the most of their 75 minutes on the main stage opening for Beck.

Band of Horses is a group I associate with small clubs, not taking the stage during a pre-headlining slot at a major festival, so I was somewhat expecting Band of Horses to not do well. I thought the massiveness of the stadium would eat up their sound, but surprisingly that did not happen.

Singer Ben Bridwell, who was wearing a hat with bear ears, seemed genuinely happy to be on stage, more specifically at Bumbershoot, as he thanked the crowd after almost every song and expressed gratitude for being able to play Bshoot several times.

The set started with “The First Song” and from there the group continued to deliver song after song of blissful indie rock. It reminded me of a mainstage set a few years back by another Sub Pop band that plays blissful indie rock: The Shins.

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