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Truckasaurus gets P4K’d

Seattle electo-spazz group Truckasaurus’ new album, “Tea Parties, Guns and Valor,” got reviewed by the almighty Pitchfork, a.k.a. the hipster Bible of what’s cool in music, today.

Not surprisingly, the record got an impressive 8.2 rating.

If you read the CHBP coverage here earlier in the summer you already knew the Truck is a great live band and that they are one of the brightest out of the many rising stars in the local music scene. Now P4K and its zillions of reader know too.

VIDEO: More new Metallica, “The Day That Never Comes”

A few weeks back I posted a video of the new Metallica song “Cyanide.” As every metalhead knows the song is off the upcoming “Death Magnetic,” which will be released Sept. 12.

Well, Metallica has released another new song to the masses, this one called “The Day That Never Comes,” and it packs a wallop during its final three minutes or so.

Here is a recording of the song, with lyrics, from the good old YouTube:

ReverbFEST lineup announced, tickets on sale

I know it’s Bumbershoot season and that it might be difficult for some of you local music fans to focus on something other than the juggernaut that is the three days of awesome known as Bumbershoot, but check this out.

Seattle Weekly’s Reverb blog announced the lineup and ticket details for its second annual ReverbFEST last week.

What’s ReverbFEST?. Well, aside from being a festival named after a blog, it is the only music festival in Seattle that consists of all local artists. Last year’s fest went under the radar a little bit because it was overshadowed by Bumbershoot, CHBP, Sasquatch! and other local festivals, which is why you might not have heard about it. 

I made the trek to last year’s inaugural event and I was blown away by how many great local bands were on the bill. This year’s lineup looks equally as awesome as 2007’s and once again ReverbFESt will take place in beautiful downtown Ballard.

Trust me, you should go because there’s nothing quite as fun as hearing band after band ask “Are you ready to rock, Ballard?”

ReverbFEST happens at various Ballard locations on Oct. 4. Tickets cost $8 in advance or $10 day of show for the 21+ crowd and $5 in advance or $7 day of show for the younger set. You can buy your tix here.

Here’s the lineup thus far (bold indicates either a band I am really interested in seeing live, or a band I recommend seeing live)

GreyskulOnry Ozzborn & The Gigantics– See Me River – DJ B-Girl – The Braille Tapes – Wizdom – 17th Chapter –The Moondoggies – Red Jacket Mine – Elder Mason – Husbands Love Your Wives– Blood Red Dancers – Hazelwood Motel – Michael Vermillion – Kublakai – The Lonely Forest – The Curious Mystery – Neon Nights – Coffin Break – Emeralds – Black WhalesThee Sgt Major IIIAqueduct– Knox Family – North Twin – Massy Ferguson – Piece – Blood Red Dancers – Man Plus– Orbitron – Canary Sing – Guns N Rossetti– Dragstrip Riot – Pufferfish – The Quit – The Rainieros– Zach Harjo – The Crying Shame – Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies – C-Leb & A-Bro – Arbitron – Keg – Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden – Little Penguins– Lonesome Rhodes & The Good Company – The Monday Mornings – Rypynt – TruckasaurasShim – Panda & Angel – At The Spine – The Valkyries – Sage – Herman Jolly – Police Teeth – Team Gina – Gatling Gees – Bacchus – Mono In VCF – Ian Moore – Trombone Cake – Sweet Potatoes – Diminished Men

Free download of the album “Mingle” from The Saturday Knights

Light In The Attic Records is quickly becoming one of my favorite local labels.

First off they’ve got a cool name. Anything named after Shel Silverstein (except for maybe the band Silverstein) is cool in my book.

Second they release awesome reissues. I’m told the reissue of Detroit-born singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez’s record is pretty good, but I have yet to give it a listen.

Third, they’re the home of The Blakes, the best bar band in Seattle. I love The Blakes. They are the only Seattle band that actually sent me a Christmas card last year. True story.

Finally, Light In The Attic is cool because of the Saturday Knights. I’ve blogged about them before and how their first full-length record, “Mingle,” is one mind-blowing party poppin’ dancetacular record. Now you can hear firsthand how great “Mingle” is by downloading it for FREE. It’s the party album of the summer so I highly recommend you grab it and bump it while there is some summer left to enjoy.

That’s right, get a free copy of “Mingle” by clicking here.

Oh yeah, another reason why Light In The Attic Is cool: They give away free music.

You can hear songs from “Mingle” live during the Saturday Knights’ set at Bumbershoot Sunday at 7:45 at the Fisher Green Stage. And fellow LITA act The Blakes will be performing the same day at 3:15 on the Exhibition Hall Stage.

My Bumbershoot schedule

Good news. I got credentialed for Bumbershoot. That means you can read all about the awesomeness of the three-day festival here at Spin The Black Circle.

I’m hoping to catch about nine acts a day. Unfortunately, like every festival on the planet, there are plenty of schedule conflicts so I had to make some tough choices of what artists I wanted to see. That meant I had to pass on The Hands, Thee Emergency and a few other great bands because their set times clashed with other bands I simply have to see. 

Here is my schedule straight from Bumbershoot’s Web site where you can create your own schedule. The places where there are are two bands playing at the same time on my schedule are slots where I haven’t quite made my decision where I want to be at that time:




About that Neil Young/Pearl Jam show

In my haste to declare Pearl Jam the opening band for Neil Young’s upcoming Everett show I overlooked something.

That particular something can be seen of you read between the lines of the below e-mail I received yesterday from a publicist with Atlantic Records.

Dear Media,

Please be informed that the Neil Young/Death Cab for Cutie concert at Comcast Arena At Everett Events Center on Tuesday, October 21 was mistakenly announced. Death Cab for Cutie has yet to be confirmed for the show.

Thank you.

While I didn’t necessarily forget Death Cab is headlining Bumbershoot, I did forget to think that it is likely DCFC was announced then un-announced as part of the Everett show likely because promoters don’t want to hurt Bumbershoot sales by over-saturating the market with Death Cab. In my opinion that is something that was done a long time ago.

However, I am guessing that if the average conertgoer had to choose between a $35ish ticket to Bumbershoot to see Death Cab or a $200ish ticket to see Death Cab and Neil Young the former choice would be made.

Radiohead. Radiohead. Radiohead.

I’m leaving for White River Amphitheatre in three hours to go see Radiohead and I am ridiculously stoked. In fact, over on my other blog I dedicated the entire week to Radiohead.

I’m covering the show for the P-I and I managed to score a photo pass, so hopefully I will take some decent pics and be able to post them here for all to enjoy. You can also expect a detailed review of the show to be posted here. Although I am not sure I will be able to write the review immediately after the concert for this blog.

(Note: The rest of this post is mostly babble about the technicalities of filing two reviews for two different publications that I face as a freelancer. Feel free to keep reading, but I figured I would give you a heads up in case you could care less about the fine details of my job.)

Continue reading

Neil Young coming to Everett, Pearl Jam to open?

You may have noticed that Spin The Black Circle was missing in action the last few days. Well, unfortunately, there were some issues with servers over at the Sun that caused a temporary problem with my access to STBC. But now everything is fixed and all is well, so here’s some news about Neil Young’s upcoming Everett show that you may or may not already know.

The legendary Neil Young will perform at Comcast Arena in Everett on Oct. 21. Local boys Death Cab For Cutie were scheduled to open for Mr. Young, but according to Pitchfork the Everett show is the one show on the half of the tour that has Death Cab for support where DCFC is not opening.

That begs the question: Who is opening for Neil Young?

Tickets for the show range between $45 and $250 so you know the opener has to be pretty good, or at least be somewhat of a big name, to merit ticket prices that high.

Wilco is opening for Neil Young on the second half of the tour, so maybe it is Wilco. Or, maybe it is some local band that has close ties to Neil Young. A band that considers Neil Young to be their rock ‘n’ roll uncle. A fairly large band that has played a few shows this year but hasn’t played any Northwest shows in 2008. What band could that be?

If I had to guess, and this is based on no inside information whatsoever, I would guess Pearl Jam.

But like I said, I have no inside info on this so this should be considered strictly a rumor.