Bumbershoot guides

I didn’t create a Bumbershoot guide this year. The closest thing you’ll come to getting a Bumbershoot guide out of me is my schedule, which was posted earlier this week (it’s been modified since I last posted it, so check out the updates if you like).

But just because I didn’t create a Bumbershoot guide doesn’t mean there aren’t BShoot guides out there. So here are a few I have been reading in preparation for this weekend.

The Kitsap Sun has listed a bunch of acts to look out for here.

The Seattle P-I has a whole page dedicated to Bumbershoot stuff.

The Seattle Weekly created a microsite for Bumbershoot.</</strong>a>

The always intresting, and always a bit pretentious, The Stranger vs. Bumbershoot is posted here.

The Seattle Times has a blog already set up with Bumbershoot stuff.

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