About that Neil Young/Pearl Jam show

In my haste to declare Pearl Jam the opening band for Neil Young’s upcoming Everett show I overlooked something.

That particular something can be seen of you read between the lines of the below e-mail I received yesterday from a publicist with Atlantic Records.

Dear Media,

Please be informed that the Neil Young/Death Cab for Cutie concert at Comcast Arena At Everett Events Center on Tuesday, October 21 was mistakenly announced. Death Cab for Cutie has yet to be confirmed for the show.

Thank you.

While I didn’t necessarily forget Death Cab is headlining Bumbershoot, I did forget to think that it is likely DCFC was announced then un-announced as part of the Everett show likely because promoters don’t want to hurt Bumbershoot sales by over-saturating the market with Death Cab. In my opinion that is something that was done a long time ago.

However, I am guessing that if the average conertgoer had to choose between a $35ish ticket to Bumbershoot to see Death Cab or a $200ish ticket to see Death Cab and Neil Young the former choice would be made.

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