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Matthes Congratulates Garrido

Tim Matthes has sent the Kitsap Sun a letter to the editor congratulating Charlotte Garrido, the winner of the tight race for South Kitsap Commisssioner, position 2. The Kitsap County auditor certified the election today. Here is Tim’s letter and the final vote count:

“I previously stated that it’s not over until the last vote is counted. Well, the votes have been counted and the election has been certified. I have fallen short of our goal of becoming the next South Kitsap County Commissioner by less than one and one half percent.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who voted for me. I want to thank all of you that spent your time, energy, and money working on this campaign. We may have came up a little short of our goal, but we gave it our best effort. A simple thank you just does not do all your work justice, but it will have to do for now. If any of you are thinking of running for public office I would encourage you to do so because this has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken.

Congratulations to Charlotte Garrido on her win. We should all say a prayer that she will display great wisdom and strength in all her decisions resulting in a better Kitsap County because of her term in office. I plan to support her and to assist her in keeping her campaign promises which are; balanced decisions, representing all of the county’s residences, a balanced budget, and supporting business in Kitsap County, just to name a few. These ideals and goals are ones that we all can support and work together to accomplish.

Thank You All !

Tim Matthes

Vote Count Percent
– Tim Matthes 55,992 49.14%
– Charlotte Garrido 57,648 50.59%
Write-In 305 0.27%
Total 113,945 100.00%

Commish Candidate Matthes Resigns as KAPO VP

Lack of time — and not the desire to distance his candidacy from the Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners’ strong stand on property rights — was the driving reason for Tim Matthes’ recent resignation as vice president of KAPO. But the need to appeal to a broader base did play a small role in his decision, Matthes said today.

A Republican, Matthes is running against Democrat Charlotte Garrido in the race for South Kitsap Commissioner. The two survived the top two primary Aug. 19. Democrat Monty Mahan failed to make the cut.

Matthes said his run for commissioner is demanding more time than he had expected. Last week, he missed the Kingston Chamber of Commerce forum at which Garrido was present.

“I believe I underestimated the amount of time a viable candidate puts in for the general election,” he said. “I thought, ‘This is going to be hard, but I’ll have the time.’ It was brought home last week. I made two mistakes and one (missing the Kingston forum) was horrible.”

The other event, nearly missed, was a KAPO meeting, Matthes said.

Besides stepping down from his post with KAPO, Matthes has arranged to have his seat on the Kitsap County Board of Equalization covered for the next two months. The volunteer board hears challenges to property tax valuations.

Asked if his decision was, in any way, a strategy to reach voters who may define him solely by his membership in KAPO, Matthes said, “probably a little bit.”

KAPO is known for its advocacy of individual property rights and interest in local land-use issues. Matthes remains a member and said, “I still feel strongly about property rights.” But he added that, as a candidate, he has been trying to connect with voters of all persuasions.

“I think an commissioner needs to have an open mind, not an empty head,” he said. “You meet so many people and get so many different ideas, you can’t help but broaden your perspective.”

Vivian Henderson, executive director of KAPO, supports Matthes’ decision.

“I think he’s doing a very responsible thing,” she said. “He needs to concentrate on his campaign. It’s critical.”

Matthes’ post with KAPO will be filled by Jackie Rossworn, who was voted on by its board of directors. She will serve through February, the end of Matthes’ term, when KAPO will elect new officers.