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South Kitsap High Joins KZOK Battle of the Bands

South Kitsap High School Band is one of 43 Washington high school bands entered in the KZOK School of Rock Battle of the Bands.

Last year KZOK radio host Bob Rivers said of the SK band, “Your band is amazing, and we are honored to have them as participants,” Rivers said. “I saw them, and I thought they were fantastic. They obviously work very hard at their craft.”

Hard enough to have earned a place in the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena.

Last year, the text-message voting on the contest got totally screwed up. Within minutes, the system was hacked and the e-mail ballot box stuffed with spam. “Are we smarter than a 10th grader?” KZOK’s Web site read. “The answer is obviously no. We clearly goofed. We’re old farts. We don’t understand this Internet thing.”

They have it figured out this year. Starting today you can text to vote for your favorite band.

The contest runs from January 12 through February 12 at 12:59 p.m. At the end of the contest all of the votes will be tallied and the top 10 bands will go before a panel of judges, where they will pick the grand prize winner of $10,000. SK needs the moo-la really badly because the trip to Pasadena is estimated to cost $200,000. They will be holding fund-raisers throughout the year.