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17 thoughts on “The Truth About Trader Joe’s

  1. The front desk manager at the University Place Trader Joe’s told me they’ve signed a lease in Silverdale.

  2. Could you call the owner of Central Market in Poulsbo and ask them if they would be willing to add South Kitsap to their two year plan??

    I could start a facebook rally site if necessary.


  3. Really sorry to hear that they are not coming. We, too are fans of TJ. They almost lost me this year when they stopped carrying the smoked Herring, but I guess we will continue to make the trek to Tacoma.

    Thanks for the straight scoop.

    Is there any chance that the more corporate denies the move it really means that they are coming??

  4. Honestly, I’m glad they’re not coming. I’ve never found anything good about them except the fun atmosphere and when I need a good dessert or wine for a party at the last second. Focus on locally-owned grocery stores!!!

  5. Ann,

    Thanks for clarifying – when the message was relayed to me I thought the editor said University District. Oops! I made the change in the post to reflect the correct store. Thanks for making sure I had it right.

    – Brynn

  6. Considering how all the areas listed on the poll have issues when it comes to new business’s, I would bet on Gig Harbor getting TJ’s before any place in Kitsap County. Heck, at this point we look forward to any business opening in South Kitsap just to give a little variety.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  7. And technically, they would have been telling the truth, Roger. Gig Harbor is in Pierce County. So, a Pierce County TJ’s could be in their two year plan.

    Btw, I love their salads.

  8. Wiht all due respect, Brynn, I disagree that TJ is not coming to Silverdale, and I base my opinion on conversations I’ve had within the last week with three different TJ managers at the University Place TJs. They’ve told me the company has signed a lease for a site in Silverdale but the corporate office won’t make an OFFICIAL announcement until they’ve submitted (not yet done) and received permits, posted signs and everything’s a definite go. Last night, a friend told me she’d spoken with a close friend who manages a TJ in Seattle, and he told her the same thing. So, I think TJ wisely is not making any official announcements (one manager said it took six years to open a Seattle store due to permitting issues with Seattle), but the three managers I spoke with said they think a TJ will open in Silverdale within a year. Also, a couple of years ago, a mananger said they wouldn’t open a Kitsap store until they’d opened one in Olympia, and that’s since happened.

  9. Ann,

    Well I hope for all the folks out there who want to see a Trader Joe’s come to Kitsap you’re right. I can only report what I learned through calling their corporate offices, and through calling our county’s planning department.

    In both cases they told me no, they weren’t coming. I’ve dealt with corporate offices before regarding businesses coming in, and usually they’re a bit more coy when I ask if their business is coming to our area. They’ll say they can’t confirm it, but I’ve never had them flat out deny it like Allison did, saying that Kitsap and Silverdale were not in the company’s two-year plan.

    But I guess that could also mean that maybe Kitsap is in a three-year plan?

    I’ll try calling around some more to see what else I might be able to find, but right now all I can report is what I was told by company and county officials.

  10. Brynn — If they open their doors in Kitsap within the coming year, I’ll buy you a bottle of two/three buck Chuck to celebrate!

  11. Thanks Ann!

    I also have some new developments in the Trader Joe’s story.

    While the county still says no permits have been filed on behalf of Trader Joe’s, I heard from someone in the community who said either last week or the week before he saw two people looking at vacant building space in Silverdale.

    He and the person he was with asked what they were hoping to open and they said they were from Trader Joe’s looking at two spaces in Silverdale — the old Long Drugs store next to Chuck E. Cheese and the Circuit City building.

    They hadn’t signed a lease, to his knowledge, but they confirmed they were looking to find a place in Kitsap.

    So I’ll let county planners know I’m desperate for a phone call when any permitting crosses their desks. And of course I’ll write a follow up blog post when that happens.

  12. I would suggest a better option. Shop your local farmers and co-ops and keep the dollars in your own town. Also, go to Whole Foods Market which is an American owned company unlike TJ that is a German company. Also, a huge amount of TJ products are not made by small American owned companies. Instead by large corporations like Pepsi etc.

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