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Reporter Chris Henry talks about life in the county seat of Port Orchard and surrounding areas.
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Sick Kid, Lost Dog in South Kitsap

May 6th, 2010 by Chris Henry

Of all the sad, pathetic news coming out of South Kitsap this week, this one really tugged at me. But then, you know I’m a big softie, especially if we’re talking about kids or dogs.

OK, so I get this e-mail from one Alison Dockins regarding a lost dog. What, do I look like the community bulletin board at Safeway? Well, I guess I’m OK with that. If Gardner can post about what fell out of his taco, I guess I can try to help this family get their dog back, especially considering the circumstances.

Alison wrote, “Hello Mr. Henry (Note to self – gotta do something with that byline.) I am writing to see if you can help my family and I. My youngest daughter has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, she is doing great and has bypassed so many of her doctors expectations for her and make all of us so proud. But the reason I need your help is our family dog ran away on Monday. Him and my daughter are always together, he is her constant companion and puts up with so much more then most other dogs ever would. He is absolutely irreplaceable and my daughter and the rest of us are heartbroken. She walks around the house asking “where puppy? and just isn’t herself without him. Is there anyway you could run even just a small article with a picture of him…..I know he is around here (Port Orchard) as people have seen him….but he is such a friendly great family dog I’m worried someone might just keep them for their own family. Please help me!

Since I’m not clear on whether Alison’s contact information is for publication, I’m going to say contact me at (360) 792-9219 or chenry@kitsapsun.com.

The family lives off Sidney Road, south of Lider Road on Logan (see map below). Here’s what the dog looks like:

The Dockins family of South Kitsap is missing their pet.

Here’s the area where the dog was lost.


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3 Responses to “Sick Kid, Lost Dog in South Kitsap”

  1. Chris Henry Says:

    Happy ending to this tale (tail?). I got a couple e-mails from readers telling me they saw an Humane Society Crigslist ad for a dog found on Sidney that looked like the missing hound. The family also had put up like 100 signs, and Alison got many e-mails and calls. She had been checking the Humane Society daily, so probably would have found McGruff, that’s his name, but she expressed her sincere thanks to all who helped reunite dog and kids. McGruff is, as we speak, sleeping on the water bed with a kid on wither side. They’re not letting him go anywhere. Chris Henry, reporter

  2. Alison Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! (And sorry about the Mr/Mrs confusion!!) I am so thankful for you and everyone else around here who helped our family become whole again! McGruff is happy, bathed and sporting a brand new collar and tags! Both of my daughters are thrilled to have him home. I have received so many emails and phone calls with people who had seen him….and many more who said he stopped by their houses, let himself in and visited for a while before moving on. He is a great dog and there is no way we would have been able to replace him, thanks again Port Orchard!!

  3. suquamish98392 Says:

    This is such a great outcome, to bad there aren’t as many GOOD news stories!!!

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