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2 thoughts on “Bremerton Needs Retail and Other Enlightenments

  1. I think the whole point of these parks and conference centers and tunnels and new bridges and hotels and government centers and infrastructure tax breaks and property tax breaks and road paving and condo building and Bellevue developer wooing and new marinas and fish and fisherman statues and parking committees is designed to create what?

    A feeling of importance and accomplishment amongst politicians and bureaucrats?

  2. As a person born in Bremerton and growing up with Bremerton as ‘my’ city and treat to visit to see a movie, meet friends at Olberg’s for a soft drink or milkshake (and hamburger if I had enough money) I watched that thriving bursting at the seams town begin to shrink as businesses left Bremerton and moved out toward Silverdale.

    I watched it turned into -almost- a slum, uncared for town people forgot…unless your drove through for the ferry to Seattle.

    I am thrilled to see the changes in Bremerton…even the ugly pablum beach front hogging blocking condo’s are acceptable with the new park – the new look of Bremerton. I love that tunnel – its beautiful!

    I like that communities such as Manette are banding together into the neighborhoods they once were. I like Manette and have looked at a few properties there over the years.

    Never mind the politicians, bureaucrats (copied your spelling BL)… the SPIRIT of energy and the people are coming back… the spirit matters…Gary’s fish and fisher woman will be reminders of the old desolate dying town but they won’t matter either as they get buried in sea gull offerings.

    Sharon O’Hara

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