Will Dicks “Bring Home the Bacon” For Port Orchard?

On his most recent video newsletter, Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola said that Congressman Norm Dicks has included $1 million for Port Orchard’s Town Center Revitalization Project in his fiscal year 2011 budget request.

Should the funding come through, it would be used toward the purchase of property for the project, which includes a city-built parking garage seen a crucial to the town’s revitalization. The total cost of the whole project, which will be a public-private partnership, is $33 to $36 million. The city must nail down at least $2.5 million for property acquisition to get the ball rolling.

Dicks’ Bremerton office was unable to confirm the news. I will be following up tomorrow.

I spoke to Coppola tonight. Although the funding is not in pocket, the mayor is confident of Dicks’ ability to advocate on behalf of his city. “It’s never a sure thing, but like I said, Norm always brings home the bacon.”

2 thoughts on “Will Dicks “Bring Home the Bacon” For Port Orchard?

  1. Can we get some TARP funding? We’re saddled with $44 million of toxic condominium asset. How about some relief for the taxpayers of Kitsap County? Norm? Norm? (crickets chirping)

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