Port Orchard Videos: The Mayor Speaks and More

Looking back on this era in “Newspaper” Web site development, we will no doubt see it as a time where experiments were undertaken, certain noble ideas stuck to the wall … and others didn’t.

Alas, our hopes of being able to host videos of Port Orchard City Council meetings have been dashed, because of our respective technological support systems’ inability to communicate. We recently underwent an upgrade in our video uploader, so it no longer accepts the format in which Port Orchard produces its videos.

Henceforth, I’ll be posting links to the City’s Web site as a reminder that the videos are available. Here’s the link to the March 23 council meeting (my apologies for the delay). Among business at the meeting, the council approved new rules for use of the Active Club. Animals are no longer allowed in the building.

And now, “A Moment with the Mayor.” It’s kind of like FDRs fireside chats … with a neon flamingo. Topics this month include:

Honored employees

Planning for McCormick Woods Village Regional Park

Plans for a meeting with the Port of Bremerton and discussion of South Kitsap Industrial Area

An update on an interlocal agreement on annexation between the county and local cities

and more … see next post

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