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2 thoughts on “Speaking of Old Barns

  1. I heard from Mike Collins of Southworth on another old barn in Olalla:

    “In response to your request, there is another beautiful old barn in Olalla on Orchard Ave. between both corners of Black Rd. My memory is telling me the address is 11273 Orchard Ave. SE. It would be on the South side of the road up on the hill behind a old white farmhouse. It is also the place of the state’s largest black walnut tree. The Sun actually did an article around 1959 on it. I know all this because I grew up there but now live in Southworth.
    As I know both barns, I can compare the size and tell you that our old barn is half again bigger than the one that burned. Like that barn, we had provisions for live stock, LOTS of hay and feed.
    That one would be a good story I’m sure.

    Mike Collins”

    Chris Henry, reporter

  2. Some of the most interesting barns I’ve seen were in Silverdale and came down as Silverdale developed.

    Another old barn with a duel purpose is/was on the old Belfair Highway and site of the Belfair Barn Dances. I don’t know if the barn is still there but I can’t be the only one with fond memories of the old barn, live music and great dances…
    Sharon O’Hara

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