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9 thoughts on “The Truth About Being a Journalist

  1. Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to talk with our kids about career opportunities and ideas.

    Btw, do I know the one who asked about being a sports writer? I’ll have to ask my favorite young male athlete when I get home from DC.

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. One thing to add for the journalist and many other professions. Never stop asking questions and never stop listening to the answers. Who? Why? When? Where? How? Still some of the best ways to get to the story, to get at the core issues, no matter the job description.

    The future for the journalists? Print will stay in one form or another, but the electronic media will be very powerful. Instant news, on the spot pictures, and drama at the touch of a keyboard. The future journalist will need to be techy, quick, and think on their feet, but still be capable of digging out the real stories.

    It should be fun for those who pursue the path, and it will be challenging.

    Good story.

    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  3. Did you mention, at all, the responsibility of being the people’s fourth estate? The responsibility to be skeptical of government and to truth-check – not simply parrot – the words from our elected officials and government agencies?

  4. Thanks for taking the time to interact with the kids Chris. They need to hear from more professionals about the challenges of the real world and the responsibility that goes along with it.

    The Kitsap Sun currently has an excellent example of a young person wanting to get into journalism who is working “outside the box” to gain experience and get their foot in the door. That person is Matthew Leach of the Forecasting Kitsap Blog. I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt personally and he is a great guy, with his whole life and career ahead of him. He is already well on his way towards being a success in the field he loves so much.

    Also, there are other avenues to gain experience when it comes to writing and reporting. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. The “other” Bremerton paper has offered me the Bremerton Community Column (no pay just for fun and experience). My first introductory column will be running this Friday (tomorrow) in the print edition. I was offered this opportunity primarily because of my blogging and writing via the Kitsap Sun. I have already thanked Steven Gardner and Marietta Nelson. Their stories and blogs made it possible for me to learn, grow and develop as a community writer. Thanks again guys!

  5. Congratulations, Colleen. Will you have to modify what you say now?

    I think David Falk’s site on the Seattle Examiner is a good example of the direction journalism is going. He pulls information together, in addition to his own observations and analysis, and uses those links and his perspective to report on soccer. He doesn’t miss much. And for the soccer fan: videos, pictures, and news from the Sound and from around the world.

  6. Thanks Karen. Nope. They like me just the way I am (smile). Warts and all. I still have free reign to comment on what I want when I want. At this time the writing in my column will NOT be hard core journalistic exposure pieces by any stretch of the imagination. It will be called Everything Bremerton and that is exactly what I will be writting about. It’s going to be fun!

    By the way, the new editor who offered me the opportunity….Andrew Binion.

  7. BlueLight – I did in fact talk about the need to “question everything” with several groups. Thanks for emphasizing it. Chris Henry, reporter

  8. Well done, Chris – and I agree with what Roger wrote as well. New media is definitely redefining the industry. Whether 8 track, vinyl, cassettes, cds, or mp3, we’re still talking about the delivery mechanism for music. Journalism is the same, and hopefully students will encounter teachers, instructors, and professors who guide them into anticipating (and preparing for) future development.

    Glad to hear Andrew is ‘back’!

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