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5 thoughts on “Know Your City Government Committee Members

  1. Translation for information posted below last paragraph:

    “Caroly powers”
    “Colbank alterate”
    “City because of growth get s wtwo vting seta mayor and Carolyn(caroly alt 6 years)

    HUH? Thanks.

  2. Whoops – now you know what my notes looks like. How embarrassing! In my effort to go more or less paperless, I neglected to erase a few of my notes from Tuesday’s council meeting, which I had pasted below my draft post to keep me on track.

    Translation: Carolyn Powers was approved by the council as the second KRCC voting member from Port Orchard; Jim Colebank is alternate to Carolyn, fulfilling her duties when she is absent; the city, because of growth, gets two voting seats on the KRCC, the mayor and Carolyn (formerly only the mayor voted). Carolyn has been alternate to the mayor on the KRCC for six years, voting when he is absent.

    The sad truth is that I have switched to taking notes mostly via keyboard because my handwriting is so bad, and now with a little arthritis in my fingers, I sometimes have trouble reading my own writing, but usually can make it out. I’m sure that inspires great confidence in your trusty SK reporter. OH, well. What next? Would you like to see my spice cabinet?

    Chris Henry

  3. Thanks, Chris. Thought you might still have been a little tired and “tongue tied” after your adventure with the SKHS Band in the Rose Bowl;)
    Really do enjoy your blog.

  4. Chris, have you looked into something like Reqall? It’s an iPhone app (yes, I know that means that you’ll have to get one) that lets you speak into the phone, it transcribes your message and sends it to your email account. The app is free and there is an enhanced version for a nominal sum. The transcriptions are pretty good although I have not tried whispering into it.


    Fred Chang

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