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4 thoughts on “400 Submit Petition Against Park Closures

  1. I wonder if the relationship can be made comparing the percentages of registered voters who actually voted in the recent election and the percentages of readers of the blogs who voted in the polls?

    The County has to balance a budget, that means either cutting back or finding additional income. Neither great choices for some of the public, especially those concerned with their own bottom line. The only other option is for everyone to buy like crazy and increase sales tax revenues.

    The same goes for a turf field in South Kitsap. Voters are budgeting at home by cutting back on extras. Maybe enough graduates of South Kitsap will pony up the money, but do not expect the taxpayer to jump on the band wagon.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  2. Roger – The Facilities Task Force is operating from the understanding that the school district (and the taxpayers that fund it) won’t be paying for this field. They haven’t figured out how to tap possible donors, but a concerted effort to appeal to SK grads like Willie Bloomquist and Benji Olson as well as others not so famous was discussed. They’ll also likely be applying for grants (which do in truth come from the taxpayers, but the money’s there for whoever steps up).
    Chris Henry, reporter

  3. Many grants come from private foundations that are created and/or supported by private donors, i.e. the Gates Foundation; the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Birkenfeld Foundation, etc. You can say that they have all been “taxpayers,” but that may be stretching the definition some.

    It’s an important distinction, otherwise people assume that seeking grants for worthwhile projects is another drain on the system, when in fact this money (like that for scholarships) is placed in foundations to serve these very purposes.

  4. Mary – True – Grants from private foundations are funded at will by donors. I was referring to government grants. I assume the facilities task force will look for grants in both the private and public sector.
    Chris Henry, reporter

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