Friday Afternoon Club: When Halloween Costumes Go Bad

Many of you know that I live in McCormick Woods, but you may not know the reason we moved here is for Halloween. The streets are wide,the houses close together and the neighbors (usually) generous, making it a great place to trick-or-treat. And I’m not telling you what hundreds of families in South Kitsap don’t already know.

We came to McCormick Woods many a Halloween before moving here in 2002. But I was especially excited to make great costumes for the kids our first year in the neighborhood. (Cue ominous music here.)

Now, I’m no good with a sewing machine, but I do have an active imagination. The martian costume I made out of a cardboard box, worn on the head, had holes for the eyes and pipe cleaners for antenae. Who needs Walmart? I’ve got the recycle bin.

Then there was the eyeball costume I made out of a plastic garbage bag filled with crumpled newspaper. I drew veins and lashes on the plastic with a felt-tip pen. The costume, inflicted on … uh, worn by my youngest, was effective, but he rustled loudly as he walked.

The year we moved into McCormick Woods, I decided said youngest son should be a mummy. My material of choice … toilet paper.

My son is 14 now and trying to make a good impression on his junior high friends. He gave me permission to relate this story if I made it clear he was an innocent bystander in the whole affair and had nothing to do with it other than a mad desire for candy.

So I wrapped him in the toilet paper head to toe. It took three rolls. For added effect, I drizzled him with red food coloring. Ta-da! I put Martha Stewart to shame.

Off went said youngest son among the prim hedgerows and manicured lawns of McWoods looking for all the world, I realized in horror, like a … well, lets just say it was far from tasteful.

Too late, and anyway, at 7 he was oblivious to anything but rushing to ring the next doorbell. Then it began to rain. My son continued his quest, leaving wads of gory toilet paper in his wake.

The moral of this story is: next year, use two-ply.

Oh, wait, he’s too old to trick-or-treat. I need more victims … uh, grandchildren.

Happy Halloween. Stop by and visit me if you dare!

Chris Henry, South Kitsap reporter and costume maker extraordinaire

5 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Club: When Halloween Costumes Go Bad

  1. My kids have always been jipped a little bit with Halloween. It is my birthday and I selfishly require them to participate in our traditional dinner out together and that has historically required some adjustments to their plans.

    When they were little, it wasn’t so difficult. Parents set the schedule and plans for little people. In the teen years, it has been more difficult because they would much rather be with their friends than me (go figure).

    I was pleasantly surprised this year to have them both be very cooperative. Of course, as soon as dinner was over, they had places to be and friends to see. But, that let me enjoy my new UW Snugglie and the computer to myself. 😉

    I’m looking forward to grandkids (in about 10 years). After all, I’ll be a very cool grandma having a birthday on Halloween. (smile)

    Kathryn Simpson

  2. Happy 29th Birthday…again, Kathryn! Careful what you wish for on those grandkids. Karma skips a generation to give you “you” all over again.

    We were actually in your neck of the woods on Halloween. It was a bloody (and muddy) battle, but the Warren Avenue D-String slaughtered the South Kitsap (Grey) team at Givens Field on Saturday 39 to 0.

    Since it was on a Saturday this year Nick’s Dad, who almost never gets off work in time for trick or treating during the week, actually got to take him out this year and I got to do my most favorite thing which is staying home and passing out the candy. We had way more trick or treaters this year. Compared to the first year we moved into our home (1998) and had a total of 6 the entire night.

  3. I got home from dinner about 8:00 and we didn’t have any trick-or-treaters by then. 🙁

    Glad you all had a great time.

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