Woman Attacked by Bull Was Recovering from a C-section

A 22-year-old South Kitsap woman attacked by a bull Wednesday morning had been recovering from an emergency C-section three weeks earlier.
Mother and son are both at Tacoma General Hospital, although Laura Gragg has not been able to see her son, Charlie Luke Gragg, born Sept. 6 at one pound five ounces, since she was admitted Wednesday afternoon to the hospital’s intensive care unit.
Laura’s husband, John Gragg, 22, who is in the National Guard, was flown home from deployment in Afghanistan for the birth and had just returned to his post on Monday.
The attack took place in a pasture belonging to Laura Gragg’s in-laws, Bill and Linda Gragg, with whom she is staying while John is overseas. Two volunteers from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Citizens on Patrol had asked to check the vehicle identification number of a car in the pasture where the bull and three cows were kept. A VIN number is required before a car can be sold for scrap.
According to Gragg, speaking by phone Friday from the ICU, she had asked the volunteers to wait until her father-in-law was home since he is more familiar with the bull. When they came anyway, she accompanied them into the pasture and tried to keep the bull at bay.
“I know things can turn on a dime with them,” she said.
Turn they did, as the bull knocked her to the ground, pinning her against one of several cars in the field. Gragg said she managed to find shelter between two cars, but the bull came around the other side and again threatened her.
According to a Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputy report, one of the volunteers distracted the bull long enough for the other volunteer to help her escape from the field.
As soon as we got through, I noticed one of the volunteers wasn’t behind us,” Gragg said.
The bull had attacked that man, repeatedly knocking him to the ground, before he pinched the animal in the nose to make it retreat.
The second volunteer was transported to Harrison Medical Center, treated for puncture wounds to his right leg and sent home on Wednesday.
Gragg said doctors are watching her to make sure a laceration on her liver sustained in the attack doesn’t start bleeding. In the meantime, she and her husband have decided she is stable enough that he will be able to stay over in Afghanistan. He is due to return home in April
Laura Gragg hopes to be able to visit her baby in the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital on Sunday. She holds no hard feelings against the bull.
“Just seeing how he was in his territory, there’s not much you can say about the bull acting crazy, because we were in his territory,” she said.

2 thoughts on “Woman Attacked by Bull Was Recovering from a C-section

  1. It is good to see people can have rational thoughts after such an unfortunate and terrifying event. God Bless this young lady and I hope she has no long lasting effects from this attack.

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