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3 thoughts on “PO Mayor Convenes Stakeholders Group

  1. So the mayor only wants to hear from some businesses (including his hand picked city council candidate)? I vote for less festivals, they seem to kill everything I attend downtown be it the bars, bookstore, or the theater. Cedar Cove Days was a killer for the places I frequent. I’m surprised none of the local papers picked up on that but it’s easier to cheerlead than rain on a parade. How about knocking down the library and building a park like in downtown Poulsbo? It always amazes me how busy that place is on a hot day. That would give people a reason to hang out and hopefully spend money downtown.

  2. I am surprised the owners of the Morningside Bakery and Sugardaddy’s Salon aren’t on this committee. Maybe they declined?

  3. Karen,

    Actually, Tim Waibel from Sugardaddy’s is part of the group and contributed quite a lot in the way of ideas.


    Among the topics discussed were dealing with the issues that adversely impact non-food and beverage businesses during festivals — and especially closures of Bay Street. A number of downtown businesses reported doing well during Cedar Cove Days, as did all of the restaurants and beverage establishments – with two reporting all-time record business days. The museum for example, had its highest traffic counts ever.

    However, there are a small number that were impacted negatively, and the purpose of the meeting was to look for positive solutions for the ones who don’t benefit from that type of activity downtown.

    I’m happy to note that the meeting went very well, was extremely cordial on all fronts, and some very positive suggestions resulted, that are now being explored. Once some of those have been researched, another meeting will be convened and see how what works can actually be implemented. So stay tuned – I’m looking for good things to come from this.


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