Another Neighbor in Need

This from Sally Santana, who advocates for the homeless in Kitsap County. Same disclaimer as always: Neither I nor the Kitsap Sun can vouch for the credibility of this request nor the trustworthiness of the person here mentioned. Sounds like the family could use a hand, however.

Sally says:
We have a SK woman with three kids, ages (approx.) 3, 8, and 13. Two will be in SK schools next month, hopefully. Life changed for them when husband went to jail for an extended stay. They’re behind rent 2 mo, which is $1300 per. Electric/water have been shut off; neighbor is running an extention cord and letting them get water from their house.
She’s been to KCR, The Salvation Army, One Church One Family, called 2-1-1 and Crisis Clinic, and is basically in the middle of their lists, i.e. no help in sight. Mother reports the landlord has been nice but is reaching the end of what they can handle, they need rent. She understands they can’t stay there, will have to move.
If they begin to live in their vehicle, tires not so good. If they are pulled over and ticketed, she will just begin to collect tickets – no money for new ones or retreads. Is fearful for their safety.
Person presenting info is Claudia Grimes, 253-225-2397, email If you can help in any way please contact her.

3 thoughts on “Another Neighbor in Need

  1. nothing new-my daughter was in this position,well,not exactly…and there was no help to be found! They would not care if the family died!!!

  2. I remember all the homeless pregnant women we couldn’t find beds for, when I worked for WIC. We are experiencing greater numbers of homeless people. You are right, Tina, there is often nothing that the agencies can do, aside from giving the family a voucher for a night or two at a motel.

    I had hoped that we could move forward with a hygiene station in Port Orchard. At the time, I didn’t find Sally Santana very helpful with those efforts. I am intrigued as to what she is doing.

    Is there more info. on her efforts, Chris, that you can share?

  3. Sally has a blog here, Mary…she has posted an amazing amount of resources for the homeless.
    Sharon O’Hara

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