Cedar Cove Sob Story: An Update

Since last night, when I posted the story of Claudia Barber-Martin, the Detroit woman battling cancer who came to Cedar Cove/Port Orchard even thought she didn’t have any lodging, four South Kitsap residents contacted me to say they had a place for her. I was also advised of a room at a B&B that was available. I also had a couple of messages from people who just wanted to know she was OK.

According to Cedar Cove Welcome Center staff, Barber-Martin did find a place to stay last night and presumably for the duration.

Claudia Barber-Martin
Claudia Barber-Martin

Doris Babcock, co-chair of the welcome center, said a family came to pick her up at the center last night. Babcock’s understanding was that Barber-Martin would be paying for the room. She said she did not know the family’s name, but that the man who came in to get Barber-Martin appeared to be known to some of the volunteers.

Babcock said Cedar Cove visitors continued to arrive “from all over the country” well into the evening. There’s was great excitement over “Debbie sightings and sightings of the different characters.”

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