Cedar Cove Sob Story, Part II

Welcome to Cedar Cove
Welcome to Cedar Cove

Remember the woman I told you about, whose son was going to surprise her with tickets to Cedar Cove? The only hitch was he hadn’t been able to find lodging for her that was within the family’s means.

Well she was surprised alright.

Claudia Barber-Martin of Detroit found out late Tuesday, while celebrating her 51st birthday in Chicago with her son, Adam Martin, 22, of Chicago, that he had scrimped and saved from his job at Hot Topic to buy her a discount plane ticket, as well as tickets to a couple Cedar Cove events (including the cruise with Debbie Macomber to Kiana Lodge). The envelope he gave her (she thought it was a birthday card) even had some spending cash.

Martin had earlier contacted the Cedar Cove Association about the lodging dilemma, but nothing firm surfaced.

Barber-Martin, whom I met today at Macomber’s yarn shop, took it in stride, ready for an adventure.
“I said, OK. I’ll figure something out,” she said.

Oh, just one other hitch. They had to be at the airport by 3 a.m. Wednesday (as in today) Chicago time.

“I was just very impressed with him, because he’s always going out of his way to do things. He’s just a real sweetheart,” said Barber-Martin, who, as of Wednesday afternoon, was still homeless in Cedar Cove but enjoying herself immensely.

This year hasn’t been easy for her. Last October, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, for which she currently receives twice weekly treatments. Reading has been her salvation during long hours in hospital waiting rooms she said.

Barber-Martin also does crochet and was excited to see Macomber at her fabric goods shop across from the Victorian Rose Tearoom.

In his e-mail to the association, Martin said it would be hard to find a woman more deserving of a trip to Cedar Cove than his mother. Barber-Martin, who raised him as a single mom, volunteers with scouting groups and a hospital in Detroit. She recently was honored as a volunteer of the year by the City of Detroit.

“I wanted everything to be very special for her, because she is very special to me,” Martin wrote.

If you can help offer this woman lodging, contact the Cedar Cove Association, (360) 801-4311, or me at (360) 792-9219, or chenry@kitsapsun.com. (Same disclaimer as on previous post, but in my opinion, she seems like a nice woman. Cedar Cove organizers Googled her and only found reference to her volunteerism. )

Cedar Cove Days continues with bus tours and other paid and free events daily, a character parade at 6 p.m. Saturday, followed by a sock-hop, both free to the public. On Sunday, there is a non-denominational worship service at 9:30 a.m. on the waterfront, followed by a pancake breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Cove Sob Story, Part II

  1. The title of “Sob Story” for this entry seems pretty mean-spirited… a “sob story” is generally considered to be something whiny, non-genuine, and not deserving of any real sympathy. Ms. Barber-Martin has a very real, life-threatening medical condition and I hardly see how her son wanting to give her a special birthday present is a “sob story”. Let’s be a little nicer, please.

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