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4 thoughts on “A Cedar Cove Sob Story

  1. I was hoping the same thing. I imagine someone could host her for a few days in their home. That’s an option. I don’t have availability, but maybe someone does.

  2. Hi Chris thanks for running this…Adam actually contacted the Chamber first and I forwarded it to Cindy/Cedar Cove Days. I have sent Adam a couple of lodging possiblities which the Chamber has been made aware of…but none are in town and none for the price (little or nothing) he was looking for. There is not a lot Cedar Cove Association or the Chamber can do or have the time to do in a situation like this …so again I appreciate your putting it out there and maybe a reader responding
    Coreen PO Chamber

  3. I have done a little research. I called Adam, and he is indeed from Chicago. The tickets were purchased recently. His mother now knows about the trip. She has some mobility (does not use a wheel chair or walker) and can climb stairs. A google search of his mother’s name got a hit in a volunteer newsletter in Detroit, where she is from. So far, the story checks.

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