I Know It’s Hot in Kitsap, But 117 Degrees?

I was passing by the Key Bank on Silverdale Way in Central Kitsap today around 3:30 p.m., and check this out. It’s hard to read, but the bank temperature display read 117 degrees. I did a U-turn and snapped a picture, a minute or two later it had dropped to 116.

117 Degrees
117 Degrees
116 Degrees
116 Degrees

The temperature gauge at Parr Ford on Auto Center Way read a mere 108. All of which makes me wonder about the margin for error on these temperature thingys. I’d love it if someone familiar with how they actually work could explain factors affecting the temperature reading, such as placement of the heat measuring device, sun/shade, wind etc. I like the heat, but today was a little on the toasty side even for me. It was hardly any 117 degrees, however. I also wonder if the temperature variances on display boards around the county appear to vary more widely in extreme weather, hot or cold.

5 thoughts on “I Know It’s Hot in Kitsap, But 117 Degrees?

  1. Chris:

    Nahh…it wasn’t 117. Those temperature markers are by far the worst to gauge what the actual temperature is in a given spot because of at least one factor: the sun. It’s BEATING down on the sign, so it spit out what it FELT like.

    Silverdale did hit 104, though!

  2. Well, I’ve been driving past that sign for the past 18 years and if the weather is above 80F or below 30F, it’s 5-10 degrees off. It’s probably a combination of the sign consisting of black metal, surrounded bya sea of concrete, with cars passing. You can’t take it at face value.

  3. I know Chris, it hit 108 here at my house in Manchester, WTH? I did live in Arizona years ago, but this was more like weather in the Philippines where I was raised. Yesterday, every time I walked out of my house, which was not often, it felt like I walked directly into a sauna, and that is how it used to feel when I live in Manila, Philippines! Yikes!

  4. Tyler is right, that sign has always been off for years! My Temperature in my car said it was 108 in Silverdale. All the concrete makes it hotter in Silverdale, after I saw the 108 in Silverdale I went out to Gamblewood in Kingston where it was a mere 91 degrees. I could sure tell the difference, Kingston was the place to be yesterday!!

  5. Well maybe banks can upgrade to more accurate signage with all that wonderful bailout money they are receiving. The thought of which makes ME very HOT!

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