Friday Afternoon Club: Ramp Jam at SK Park

Leslie Reynolds can’t do a kick turn or an ollie. At 56, she’s not about to try a 180, let alone a 360. But Reynolds, whose 15-year-old son Zack Taylor has been skatingboarding since he was 3, is behind South Kitsap’s skater crowd all the way.
Reynolds, president of South Kitsap Skatepark Association, will be standing on the sidelines Saturday, cheering on Zack and other contestants at a “Ramp Jam” at South Kitsap Regional Park. The event is a fundraiser for the permanent skateboarding facility planned at the park.
It features four local bands, including the F’n A’s.
“I’m sure these aren’t groups I would listen to, but I don’t have to,” said Reynolds. “I’m just there to provide a service.”

My thoughts: Ah, what we do for our children.

Here are details on the event:
What: Ramp Jam, hosted by South Kitsap Skatepark Association
When: noon to 7 p.m. Saturday
Where: South Kitsap Regional Park
What: Contests for skaters of all skill levels ($10 entry fee), four local bands, barbecue.

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