Delilah and Debbie Macomber BFF?

Is Port Orchard big enough for two super-celebrities? Absolutely, said schmooze-talk radio host Delilah, a South Kitsap resident who spoke Thursday about her friendship with local best-selling author Debbie Macomber.

“I love Debbie,” said Delilah, holding a fluffy black puppy in her downtown Port Orchard restaurant. “I love her spirit and her will, and her commitment to her family and God.”

Will Delilah be taking part in the Debbie Macomber-inspired Cedar Cove Days in August? Another emphatic “yes.” Delilah plans to broadcast from Port Orchard some time during the event

Cedar Cove Days, set for Aug. 26 through 30, plays up Port Orchard’s status as the real-life inspiration for Macomber’s Cedar Cove series.

Macomber has said she wants visitors to see the real Port Orchard, “warts and all.”

But Delilah’s not so sure that’s a good idea. She wants to see a volunteer-driven “Paint the Town Party” to give old PO a major face lift before the big event. She’ll even spring for the paint.

The painting party is still in the early planning stages. Still to be worked out is whether all property owners will sign on to Delilah’s recommended color scheme, maritime blues and other bright colors.

Meanwhile, city officials are having angst about the mural on the Port Orchard Library, which is peeling like a Northwesterner after first exposure to late spring sunshine (I predict a lot of those after this weekend).

You can read the details in a story to run Sunday. Yes, it’s shaping up to be a hot time in the old town.

One thought on “Delilah and Debbie Macomber BFF?

  1. What a great opportunity for the Port of Bremerton!!! The Mayor claimed the Port did not support Port Orchard to a great enough extent. With many, many millions spent on the new Bremerton Marina, the possible spending of millions for a parking lot for the Bremerton Marina and condo buyers, and more millions spent on SEED, why not a few million for Cedar Cove Days? Is that not what the Port of Bremerton is about? Economic development in the three districts is what the Port of Bremerton was created for to begin with. I am sure the 3 commissioners could scare up a tax increase or float a bond or two to support a worthwhile project like Cedar Cove Days. Did not the Port of Bremerton spend taxpayer money for the events that ran this weekend in Bremerton and Port Orchard? Maybe Delilah and Debby need to attend a few Port of Bremerton meetings and get on Mahans e-mail list, good things may come to them and Port Orchard,(unless you are a taxpayer and voter in the Ports districts, then you just get the bill). Hope it turns out good, Port Orchard could use a cleanup and paint job. If this gets the local downtown property owners off their butts, more power to you.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

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