Friday Afternoon Club: Taste of Port Orchard

I’m early (will miracles ever cease?) but there’s so much going on this weekend with the Kitsap Harbor Festival, I thought you’d need advance notice.

With 12 (possible) participants, Sunday’s Taste of Port Orchard may not stack up against the Bite of Seattle or similar events, but it’s a start.

The Taste will take place Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. (or later if the food holds out) in Port Orchard Marina Park. The Taste will be complemented by a beer garden hosted by Port Orchard Rotary from 3 to 7 p.m. The Michael Anthony Pratt Band will play from 4 to 6 p.m.

It’s all part of the Kitsap Harbor Festival, hosted by the port with events scheduled throughout the three-day weekend on both sides of Sinclair inlet.

“We want to bring people down to the waterfront and show them it’s a fun place to be,” said organizer Brian Sauer, operations manager for the Port of Bremerton’s Port Orchard Marina.

The Taste will showcase Port Orchard eateries and caterers, featuring small bites for $1 to $4.

On Thursday, Sauer had yet to firm up the list of participants. Those showing interest included Gino’s. MoonDogs, Too, Rosa Coffee Roasters, Amy’s on the Bay, The Candy Shoppe, Cosmo’s Deli, Juwapa’s, Capriccio’s Catering, Purple Fig Catering, Smokey’s Barbecue, Essence of Thymes Catering and Carter’s Chocolate.

So, my question is, if Bremerton held one of these “bite of … ” events would they call it “Bite in a Bag in Bremerton?”

It’s a long story. You had to be there. The salient quote from Editor Scott Sunde, dishing it out to our rival sibling city, was: “Bremerton: Where Navy ships go to die and fine dining comes in a paper sack.”Seattle P.

5 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Club: Taste of Port Orchard

  1. I don’t know. I’ll call ANTHONY’S and ask what they’d name it. Ka-POW!

    Steven Gardner
    Kitsap Sun reporter and designated defender of Bremerton

  2. I’ll take crazy erics over any sit down burger join in seattle ANY day. The fact that it comes in a sack just makes it easier for me to enjoy on the go in any of the many park-like settings that kitsap has to offer.

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  4. Yo, Steve, would that be after you stop by the Park Ave. 7-11 for a breakfast burrito in a bag? Salsa in a sack? Comidas rapidos en una bolsa? (pardon my Espanol)

    Glitch177k – Pardon me for being unfamiliar with B-town’s burger digs, but where is there a Crazy Eric’s? The only one I know of is in Belfair … and at the fair.

    So if you had to define the “taste of Bremerton” what would it be? … Blackberries? …. I think I’m being gracious here.

    Port Orchard’s is probably Seagull Splat candy. So who am I to talk?

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