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4 thoughts on “Colchester, Manchester What’s the Difference?

  1. Those maps show all kinds of place names that don’t exist, for all practical purposes, except on those maps, so thanks for changing it to Manchester (for what it’s worth, many people in that area say they live in Port Orchard, not Manchester–many simply go by their mailing addresses). But that doesn’t cover one of the articles about Mrs. Andrews that spoke of Manchester convenience-store owner Al Kono, who was killed by Wayne Howard. The location of his store can in no way be considered Manchester, and less than five seconds on the Sun’s Web site would have clarified that it’s Wayne Hower, not Howard. I know that it’s difficult, especially names and especially in the heat of a news cycle, to get everything right. The article on Mrs. Andrews, however, was not under such a deadline. It’s these seemingly inconsequential errors that call into question all of the details in a news story.

  2. drmnet – I hear you on the issue of errors. My apologies. We did run a correction on Hower’s name and corrected the online version of the story, with a notice that the correction was made. You are the first person to call me on the location of Kono’s store, however. How would you describe the location?

    I probably should defer to Wanda Larsen, who e-mailed me the following comments about the geographical definition of Manchester in general:

    “Manchester has a clearly defined boundary, which most people are unaware of. There have been numerous incidents whereby residents do not know they are Manchester residents, when they ARE. The fact that many get mail with a Port Orchard address is very confusing and adds to the conflict as well. Until Manchester has rural delivery with a Manchester address, most people will not realize they actually live in Manchester. The Manchester Post Office zip code is 98353 and contains over 600 “Manchester” postal boxes for pickup and delivery direct to the post office, with no home delivery.

    There are separate boundary lines for the 2007 Manchester Community Plan LAMRID, the Manchester Water District, and the Port of Manchester. We have notes on the actual boundary lines for all three, we will send them separately as soon as we get our notes composed.”

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