Some McWoods Residents Suspicious of Fire

South Kitsap Fire & Rescue has not yet released the results of its investigation into a fire that leveled the McCormick Woods Golf Course Maintenance shed on Sunday night. But some residents are speculating that it was the result of foul play. General Manager Shawn Cucciardi on Monday said he had no reason to believe the fire was intentionally set and he wouldn’t speculate on the possibility of arson.

Following is an e-mail forwarded from resident Dick Ziglar with comments apparently from Dick Davis, who chairs the annexation committee.

“Although this mailing list was originally put forward as a vehicle for keeping everyone updated on annexation, we think this incident is important and feel an obligation to share with everyone.

Dick Davis

We suspect that by now most of you have been made aware of the fire that occurred at the golf course maintenance yard over the weekend. Following is a link to an article from the Kitsap Sun:

While the article does not give many details, preliminary information suggests that this was no “curtains too close to a space heater” kind of fire. If the results of current investigations confirm that this fire is the result of human activity, this should be cause for concern in our community. At the very least we should all be a little more diligent and observant and if we have any information that might be useful to authorities we should put that information forward.

We have talked with Shawn Cucciardi and Jeff Mehlert and they are doing what one would expect good businessmen would do. They have inventoried their loss and are actively engaging with their suppliers to replace equipment and supplies as soon as possible. In fact, they have already taken delivery of some new pieces of equipment and will do everything possible to continue their course maintenance program in preparation for the upcoming season. Shawn also wants us all to know that this incident will have no effect on the operations of the Clubhouse at McCormick Woods, the golf pro shop or the golf course itself. It is business as usual at these venues so tee it up and hit away.

Events such as this one are ugly and scary. We, as residents in this community, need to take every opportunity to demonstrate that we will not stand still and watch these kinds of things happen to us. You might take a little time to let Shawn and Jeff know that we stand ready to support them in this difficult time.

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